A singaporean in paris

Dates: 11-23 March 2014
Venue: SOTA Drama Theatre

Creative Team
Directed by Hossan Leong
Created & Produced by Nathalie Ribette
Musical Direction by Elaine Chan
Choreography by George Chan
Original Script by Alison Jean Lester
Set Designer Wong Chee Wai
Lighting Designer Yo Shao Ann
Sound Designing by Shah Tahir
Fashion Director Daniel Boey
Hair Designer Ashley Lim

“… none of the humour gets lost in translation in Sing’theatre’s latest production…”
“The seductive songs of iconic French musicians will captivate you.”

Following the huge success of A FRENCH KISS IN SINGAPORE, Sing’theatre returns with its 2010 sold-out musical: A SINGAPOREAN IN PARIS!

Directed by Hossan Leong, this must-see show revolves around the experience of a Singaporean artist who travels to Paris to pursue his life-long dream of performing in a cabaret. He navigates his way around a new city, language and culture and finds himself in the company of other foreign talents, each pursuing their own dreams and overcoming their own hurdles in this exotic new city.

Paris and the Parisians are not always what they expect and romance doesn’t always come with wine and accordions!

Join our international cast Linden Furnell, Mina Kaye, Peter Ong, Vicky Williamson, and embark on a journey through Paris with our ‘Singapore Boy’ Hossan Leong!